We're still all aglow from yesterday. My office manager came with his wife and their 20 month-old daughter, Allejandra . This morning He was just bubbling with enthusiasm. " Wow, sir,!" he said. (He's very old school Equadoran, very much the gentleman, here in the U.S. two years.) "Last night was wonderful, just wonderful!  Allejandra danced on my lap and sang along. Then on the way home she sang and sang in the car seat. And you know she went to bed without her bottle! Yes, for the first time. No bottle for bed just lay down and sang to herself, sang and sang, then nothing...I look and she is asleep! My wife and I sleep all night and Allejandra too - first time, we all sleep all night.  She is really amazing this woman, Jennifer."  (Now he is struggling...searching for the right word... first in Spanish then in English) "Pure! Yes, pure, the experience you know, sir. Just only pure experience. We sit and completely forget all the troubles. All the rest of the world goes away, only the story and the music. Really amazing. Only problem is, now I want more of this. I want to hear her again!"     - letter from Bob

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Jennifer Armstrong! I just want to tell you my whole family is in love with you. We heard you at St Margaret's this Fall and bought your CD for a family Christmas present. You are wonderful.     - Rhonda

More than any artist I know, you are completely yourself both on-stage and off.   - Nancy

You are an artist - you brought imagination and honesty and heart to your music and words and they did what art should do - they told a beautiful, human story.  - Jeffrey

To all folks in the future who are thinking about inviting Jennifer Armstrong into their schools for storytelling workshops, performances and general merriment: Do It!  As one student said, "She made me feel like I could do anything." What a place to start!     - Tom

Yesterday Jennifer Armstrong came to our elementary school and spent the day with our third graders. The children loved every minute of it.   - Molly

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Jennifer has a knack for connecting with children of all ages easily and effortlessly. She had them involved physically right at the beginning and kept them involved ... and had the students riveted.  - Christopher

Thank you for a wonderful concert yesterday. Your performance was delightfully entertaining for all ages. The choice of material was just right for the day and the season; and your ballads won many hearts. Thank you again for a splendid experience. - Wendy

Last night I went to the Unitarian Church expecting a folk-music type concert but not such an emotional event! Again and again I was brought to tears during your WomanSong show. Somehow it seemed like an evening of getting back perspective, remembering what is important and how rich life is.  As the evening progressed I felt more and more, 'Wow, this is amazing, this is not just a concert - this person is making friends with a hundred people all at once. This is not just a singer - this is a magnificent woman, a rich human being, this is a person who has had some hard times in her life and there she is up there uncrushed, singing and showing herself full of the joy of life!' Thank you, Jennifer! -  Roger

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