I live and work on Gypsy Rose Farm in Belfast, Maine.  We have chickens, ducks, turkeys, milk goats, one horse and a barn cat.  I sometimes feel I have stepped into the folk songs I learned from my parents when I am milking the goats or herding the turkeys into the pen.  (My parents were George and Gerry Armstrong, folk singers and folklorists in Wilmette, IL)

I am part of the “think global support local” community here in Maine where we believe our best political foot forward is to feed the ground we live on with organic matter, grow and raise our own food, brew our own beer and buy or barter for whatever else we need from our neighbors.

I write songs about farming, life’s mysteries, love and gratitude. I host a Pie and Story Festival annually at the Belfast Boathouse, give music lessons on a variety of instruments and perform in all manner of venues around the state and the country.  I share songs, stories and music with bagpipe, fiddle, banjo, guitar, frame drum, bowed psaltry and dancing puppet.


I look forward to visiting you in your school, library, church or community and sharing the songs and stories that are important to you!

photo credit: Bill Burlingham

Jennifer Armstrong, photo by Bill Burlingham