A Poem for Peggy on her 95th

Always New
For Peggy

Peggy at 95
still has the whole world
in her hands

I have two memories of Peggy that
sing particularly loudly in my heart

We are sitting at Blind Faith
“When did you know?” she asks us eagerly
“Did you always know you loved women
or is this new?”
She leans across the table
“What was your first kiss like?”
Meg and I are delighted
We feel like teenagers in the first
blush and wonder of love
giggle-ly and thrilled
as Peggy’s attention
paints our passion
And we gain color and glory

I am driving with Peggy
She is quiet beside me
slumped in the passenger seat
staring out the window
“Are you alright?” I ask
“Oh yes” she responds, sitting up
“I’m watching the road end.”
I look at the Maine Coastal road
winding before us, then over at Peggy
She can clearly see, I don’t see
“Look” she says
“See how the road ends at each curve
at each rise and dip.
I wish I could paint it
but as we move toward the end
it changes
It’s always a new horizon.”

I look back at the road
Now I see how the horizon line
dances and beckons
My heart leaps up in answer
There are no words for this
I sit quiet beside Peggy
watching the road end.

Jennifer Armstrong December 2013